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TPI 623 Dual Input High Resolution Digital Manometer

TPI 623 Dual Input High Resolution Digital Manometer
    Price Starting At: $250.00


    The high accuracy, high resolution TPI 623 is a hand held Dual Input Digital Manometer with superior three decimal place resolution with seven units of measure.
    • 0.001 inH2O and kPa resolution to ±9.999 inH20 and kPa input
    • High accuracy ±0.02 inH2O less than 2 inH20; 1% above 2 inH20
    • Temperature compensated
    • Overpressure protection to +/- 50 inH20
    • Trim mode to stabilize fluctuating pulse readings
    • Seven units of measure
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    TPI 623 Dual Input Differential High Resolution Manometer Specifications
    Pressure Range ±40 inH20
    mbar ±100
    kPa ±10
    psi ±1.4
    mmH20 ±1016
    mmHg ±75
    inHg ±2.9
    Input Type Dual Differential (1/4" Barbed)
    Pressure Measuring Units mbar, kPa, PSI, mmHg, inHg, mmH2O, inH2O
    Resolution 0.001 inH2O/kPa resolution to ± 9.999 inH20/kPa input
    Pressure Accuracy ±0.02 inH20(<2 inH20) ±1%rdg (>2inH20)
    Over Pressure 50 inH20
    Battery Type 9 Volt Alkaline
    Battery Life 80 hours (Typical)
    Auto Power Off 40 minutes
    Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to +40°C)
    Storage Temperature -10°C to +50°C
    Relative Humidity 0% to 80%
    Each TPI 623 includes Soft Carrying Pouch, Protective Boot with Magnets, A602 Silicone Tubing with Brass Fittings (2), Instruction Manual and 9V Alkaline Battery.