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RHT Climate Duct Mounted Transmitter is suitable for general use in HVAC-R applications, that is, monitoring or climate control of environments or even environmental monitoring of industrial processes where robustness, accuracy and connectivity are required.

RHT Climate Duct Mounted Temperature and Humdity Transmitter

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    RHT Climate Duct Mounted Temperature and Humdity Transmitter


    The RHT Climate Duct Mounted humidity and temperature configurable 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10Vdc output transmitter is avaialble in two models. The RHT Climate-DM base unit or the RHT Climate-DM-485-LCD with a backlight display and RS-485 interface using command Modbus RTU. With a distinctive design, the RHT Climate Series provides a high precision and stability of measurements, over a wide operation range, it calculates in real time seven psychrometric properties, all variables will be available by current or voltage retransmission or by RS485 Modbus RTU interface.
    • Stainless Steel Probe Available in 150, 250 and 400mm Lenghts
    • Humidity Accuracy ±1.8% RH at 25°C (0% to 90% RH)
    • Temperature Accuracy ±0.2°C (0°C to +60°C)
    • Field Configurable with NXperience software for Windows through USB Port
    • Configurable Two-wire 4 to 20mA, Voltage output 0 to 10Vdc
    • Power 12Vdc to 30Vdc
    • Electronic circuit case IP65; Sensors capsule IP30
    • Internal protection against reversed voltage wire polarity
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    RHT-Climate-DM Temperature and Humidity Measurement Specifications
    Humidity Measuring Range Programmable from 0 to 100% (non-condensing)
    Temperature Measuring Range -40.0°C to 60.0°C(WM models)
    -40,0 °C to 100,0 °C (DM models)
    Dew Point Measuring Range -90.0°C to 100.0°C
    Measuring Resolution Temperature: 0.1°C
    Relative Humidity: 0.1%
    Response Time Temperature: up to 5 sec @ 25°C with slow moving air (1 m/s)
    Relative Humidity: up to 4 ses @ 25°C with slow moving air (1 m/s)
    Sampling Interval 3 seconds
    Measurement Accuracy Relative Humidity: ±1.8% RH @ +23°C (0% RH to 90% RH)
    Temperature: ±0.2°C (0°C to +60°C)
    Sampling Interval 3 seconds
    Analog Outputs Two 0-10 V or 4-20 mA outputs configurable by software or keyboard
    RHT-Climate-DM Temperature and Humidity Tranmitter General Specifications
    Power Supply - Internal protection against
    power supply voltage reverse polarity.
    By Connectors: 12 Vdc to 30 Vdc; maximum consumption 70 mA +/- 10% @ 24 Vdc
    By USB: 4.75 Vdc to 5.25 Vdc
    Optional Display Wide backlight LCD with three variables of 4 ½ digits
    Keys 3 keys with tactile feedback for navigation and adjustment of parameters
    Alarms Two digital outputs and one embedded buzzer
    Operating Temperature -40°C to 100°C
    Connections Internal terminals through cable glands
    Enclosure Dimension 100mm W x 80mm H X 45.1mm D
    Probe Construction/Dimension Stainless Steel, 150, 250 and 400mm Long
    Enclosure ABS+PC
    Protection Rating Electronic circuit case: IP65
    Sensors capsule: IP30 depending on the filter cap
    Communication Interface 4USB type Micro-B 2.0 and RS485 (both in Modbus RTU)
    Programming NXperience software for Windows through USB
    Each RHT Climate Duct Mounted Transmitter is supplied with mounting flange.