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N1540 1/8 DIN Universal Input Programmable Panel Meter

N1540 1/8 DIN Programmable Temperature Process Panel Meter with USB Communication Port
    Price Starting At: $160.00


    The N1540 1/8 DIN Universal Input process meter accepts 8 thermocouple types, Pt100 RTD, mA, mV and 10Vdc input. Based on an advanced and robust hardware platform, the N1540 was designed with advanced technology for highest performance and reliability in the most demanding applications. Fully programmable via the front keypad or via a USB interface with the optional USB Cable and Software. The unique USB interface makes the programming task a simple one step fool proof operation. It allows, the set up of several instruments with the same programming parameters with extreme ease while saving precious time.

    With a very short 34 mm (1.34 inches) depth enclosure, the N1540 can be easily installed in panels and enclosures where space is at a premium. Dual alarm relays and a convenient 24 V auxiliary power supply are also available in this competitively priced process meter.
    • Saves Space Only 1.34 Inches Deep
    • Accepts thermocouples J, K, T, E, N, R, S, B, RTD Pt100, 0 to 50mV, 0 to 5Vdc, 0 to 10Vdc, 0 to 20mA and 4 to 20mA
    • Temperature in °C or °F
    • Bright 14mm display
    • Two relay alarms SPST 1.5A/240 Vac Standard
    • USB Interface for configuration and monitoring
    • Programmable indicating range from -1999 to 9999
    • Auxiliary 24 Vdc voltage source
    • Sampling rate up to 50 measurements per second
    • Alarm funtions LO, HI, differential, differential LO, differential HI, sensor break
    • Recorded maximum HI and minimum LO values can be retrieved via keypad
    • IP65 UL 94 V-2 front; IP20 UL 94V-0 enclosure
    • Silicone rubber keypad
    • CE and UL certification
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    N1540 1/8 DIN Panel Meter General Specifications
    Inputs See Table Below
    Internal Resolution 32767 levels (15 bits)
    Display Resolution 32000 levels (from -2000 to 30000)
    Temperature Resolution 0.1/1°F/°C
    Input Reading Rate up to 55 per second
    Input Impedance Pt100, thermocouples, 0-50mV: >10 MΩ 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V: >500kΩ, 4 to 20mA: 100Ω
    Measuring Pt100 RTD 3 wire type, (a=0.00385)
    With compensation of the cable length, max 50 meters, excitation current of 0.170µA
    Output Alarms 1 & 2 Relay SPST 240Vac/30Vdc/1.5 A
    24 VDC Source 24 Vdc (±10 %)/20mA max
    Case Polycarbonate (PC) UL94 V-2
    Back Panel ABS+PC UL94 V-0
    Wiring Connections Plug-in block terminals, 5mm pitch
    USB Interface 2.0, CDC class (virtual communications port), MODBUS RTU protocol
    Warm Up Time after 3 seconds connected to the power supply
    N1540 Panel Meter Mechnical Specifications
    Dimensions 96 x 48 x 35mm (1/8 DIN)
    Panel Cut-out 93.0 x 45.5mm
    Approximate Weight 110 g
    Power Supply 100 to 240 Vac/dc (±10%), 50/60 Hz
    Maximum consumption 6VA
    Operation Temperature 0 to 50°C
    Relative Humidity 80% @ 30°C, For temperatures above 30°C, reduce 3% per°C
    Indoor use Installation Category II, Pollution Degree 2; altitude < 2000 m.
    N1540 Input Range and Accuracy Table
    Sensor Type Temperature Range Accuracy
    Type J -110 to 950°C (-166 to 1742°F) 0.25% of the span ±1°C
    Type K -150 to 1370°C (-238 to 2498°F) 0.25% of the span ±1°C
    Type T -160 to 400°C (-256 to 752°F) 0.25% of the span ±1°C
    Type E -90 to 730°C (-130 to 1346°F) 0.25% of the span ±1°C
    Type N -270 to 1300°C (-454 to 2372°F) 0.25% of the span ±3°C
    Type R -50 to 1760°C (-58 to 3200°F) 0.25% of the span ±3°C
    Type S -50 to 1760°C (-58 to 3200°F) 0.25% of the span ±3°C
    Type B 400 to 1800°C (752 to 3272°F) 0.25% of the span ±3°C
    RTD Pt100 3 Wire -200 to 850°C (-328 to 1562°F) 0.2 % of the span
    Milliamp 0 to 20mA 0.2 % of the span
    Milliamp 4 to 20mA 0.2 % of the span
    Millivolts 0 to 50mV 0.2 % of the span
    Volts DC 0 to 5Vdc 0.2 % of the span
    Volts DC 0 to 10Vdc 0.2 % of the span
    All specifications apply at 23°C ± 5°C unless otherwise stated.