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N1500 Programmable Thermocouple, RTD and milliamp 1/8 DIN Panel Meter

N1500 1/8 DIN Programmable Temperature and Process Panel Meter
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    The N1500 1/8 DIN Programmable Universal Process Input Panel Meter are high performance instruments used for monitoring analog signals used in the vast majority of industrial and laboratory processes. Configuration from the front panel is fast and easy, accepting 8 thermocouples types, 3-wire Pt100 RTD and 4 to 20mA or voltage signals without any hardware change.
    The basic version comes with key panel programmable range, selectable decimal point, universal switching power supply, 24 Vdc output for field transmitters excitation, ultra bright five digit LED display and 2 relay alarms with 6 function options. 4 to 20 mA output for retransmission of measured variable to a recorder or PLC, two extra alarm relays are available as options.
    • Accepts thermocouples type J, K, T, E, N, R, S and B; 3-wire Pt100 RTD, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 50mV and 0 to 10Vdc
    • Six digit 13mm ultra bright LED display
    • Accepts and linearizes non-linear 4 to 20mA signals from thermocouple transmitters
    • Two 3A SPST relay alarms in the basic version and two extra relays optional
    • Standard 24Vdc output for field transmitters
    • Programmable scaling from -1999 to +9999 and adjustable digital filter
    • Selectable decimal point for Pt100, 4 to 20mA and 0 to 50mV
    • Alarm functions HI, LO, differential HI, diff. LO and sensor break detection
    • Key panel protection through password to avoid tampering
    • Front panel IP65, Polycarbonate UL94 V-2
    • Back panel: IP30, ABS + PC UL94 V-0
    • CE/UL (FILE: E300526)
    • Universal switching power supply
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    N1500 1/8 DIN Panel Meter General Specifications
    Inputs See Table Below
    Internal Resolution 128000 levels
    Display Resolution 62000 levels (from -31000 to 31000)
    Temperature Resolution 1°F/°C
    Input reading rate 15 samples/sec for V and mA input, 7.5 samples/sec for mV
    and 5 samples/sec for other signals
    Input Impedance Pt100, thermocouples, 0 to 50mV: >10 MΩ 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V: >10 MΩ, 4 to 20mA: 15&Omega + 2Vdc
    Measuring Pt100 RTD 3 wire type, (a=0.00385) Bias current 750µA
    Output Alarms 1 & 2 Relay 3A SPDT 250Vac
    24 VDC Source 24 Vdc (±10 %)/20mA max
    Case Polycarbonate UL94 V-2; Caixa: ABS+PC UL94 V-0
    Back Panel IP30, ABS+PC UL94 V-0
    Wiring Connections Fork Terminals 6.3mm
    Warm Up Time after 3 seconds connected to the power supply
    N1500 Panel Meter Mechnical Specifications
    Dimensions 96 x 48 x 35 mm (1/16 DIN)
    Panel Cut-out 93.0 x 45.5 mm
    Approximate Weight 110 g
    Power Supply 85 to 264 Vac/Vdc, 50/60 Hz, 6 VA
    Operation Temperature 0 to 55°C
    Relative Humidity 20 to 95% RH, non-condensing
    N1500 Input Range and Accuracy Table
    Sensor Type Temperature Range Accuracy
    Type J -130 to 940°C (-202 to 1724°F) 0.25% of the span ±1°C
    Type K -200 to 1370°C (-328 to 2498°F) 0.25% of the span ±1°C
    Type T -200 to 400°C (-328 to 752°F) 0.25% of the span ±1°C
    Type E -100 to 720°C (-148 to 1328°F) 0.25% of the span ±1°C
    Type N -200 to 1300°C (-328 to 2372°F) 0.25% of the span ±3°C
    Type R 0 to 1760°C (-32 to 3200°F) 0.25% of the span ±3°C
    Type S 0 to 1760°C (32 to 3200°F) 0.25% of the span ±3°C
    Type B 500 to 1800°C (932 to 3272°F) 0.25% of the span ±3°C
    RTD Pt100 3 Wire -200.0 to 850.0°C (-328.0 to 1562.0°F) 0.2% of the span
    Milliamp 0 to 20mA Programmable range: -31000 a 31000 0.15 % of the span
    Milliamp4 to 20mA Programmable range: -31000 a 31000 0.15 % of the span
    Millivolts 0 to 50mV Programmable range: -31000 a 31000 0.15 % of the span
    Volts DC 0 to 5Vdc Programmable range: -31000 a 31000 0.15 % of the span
    Volts DC 0 to 10Vdc Programmable range: -31000 a 31000 0.2 % of the span
    Specifications (All specifications apply at 23°C ± 5°C unless otherwise stated.