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About Fluidized Temperature Baths

Fluidized temperature baths are designed to meet a wide range of applications where a stable and uniform temperature environment is required.

About Fluidized Temperature Baths

Temperature & Process Instruments offers the Accurate Thermal Systems Fluidized Temperature baths. Fluidized temperature bath and bed technology have been used by various industries for over 50 years. Fluidized temperature baths are designed to meet a wide range of applications where a stable and uniform temperature environment is required. They have been used for decades to clean extrusion tooling and all other types of hardware, shape set medical devices, calibration, testing various sensors and systems, heat treatment of metals as well as heating of reactors, coils, flasks and containers. Fluidized Temperature Baths typically provide faster processing times than ovens and furnaces and are much more thermally stable and uniform. Fast heat up of immersed parts and objects is another major advantage. Fluidized baths are safer to operate than molten salt baths while immersed objects come out clean and dry with no material to remove.

Fluidized Temperature Baths Construction

The system comprises of a tank, or inner container, with a chamber placed in the bottom that has a porous plate material on top. The tank is filled with an aluminum oxide sand. Compressed air is fed into the chamber with a sufficient amount of pressure and flow to cause air bubbles to break the surface of the sand and rise up through it. Heat is radiated into the sand either directly or indirectly from the heaters. Air must be constantly flowing into the bath which plays the key role of mixing/stirring the heated sand to give consistent and stable thermal results. This bubbling sand provides thermal and displacement properties very similiar to that of a fluid (i.e. the term Fluidization) but at much higher temperatures than any liquid is capable. These liquid like properties are the secret to Fluidized Bath technology as it provides fast heat up of immersed objects.

The aluminum oxide sand that Accurate Thermal Systems provides with its systems is organic, inert and very safe to use. The small average particle size of our aluminum oxide (90um/4mils) will not present a problem for most items placed into a bath. Once the item is removed from a bath the sand will either fall off or can be blown off. IMPORTANT*** A fluidized bath is not a sandblaster. Aluminum Oxide is not abrasive to immersed objects due to the gentle bubbling action of Fluidization.

A Fluidized Bath’s liquid like properties provide fast heat transfer to immersed objects for immediate heating and the thermal performance desired from a heat source. Large working volume and heat capacity are good for heating both large and small objects. Fluidized Temperature Baths don’t require consumables or chemicals to operate, are safer than salt baths and provide better temperature stability and uniformity than ovens.

Typical applications for Fluidized Temperature Baths

Calibration, Testing & Reactor Heating calibration of temperature sensors, devices and systems, thermal failure mode analysis testing & heating of coils and vessels for endothermic and exothermic reactions.

Parts, Tooling, Machinery and Hardware Cleaning, removes paint, oil, grease, epoxy, plastic, varnish, insulation, rubber, adhesives and much more.

Heat Treatment of Medical Devices, Metals and Materials, annealing, tempering, shape setting, high temperature quenching and other operations that require fast and uniform heating.

Why use Accurate Thermal Systems Fluidized Temperature Baths?

Proven and reliable technology that has been in use for more than 50 years. They are manufactured in the USA from high quality materials and components. Top covers and inner tanks are made of 304 stainless steel with optional 316 grade for corrosive applications. The fan cooled control cabinet houses both temperature and air control functions. All of our systems include fully automatic air control and an RS485 interface with downloadable Windows software (see download link below) for completely automatic turn-key operation. Are you shopping around for a Fluidized Bath to meet your application? Make sure those that you consider offer the same current technology, features and specifications that all of our models include:

  • Fully automatic Fluidizing Air Control
  • Integrated & advanced 4 zone PID temperature control
  • Independent over-temperature protection
  • Innovative bath lid designed to minimize media and heat loss
  • Well insulated for reliable and safe operation
  • Seamless stainless steel top cover and tank for long life and reliability
  • Over 35 years of combined industry experience for post sales and application support
  • RS485 interface with included Windows PC software for remote control and scheduling
  • Manufactured in the USA to be affordable with fast delivery lead times