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New DC710 Flue Gas Combustion Analyzer Measure Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Oxygen (O2)

New! DC710 Flue Gas Analyzer. When Combined with TPI View App: Easy, Affordable & Remote Operation!
DC710: instrument only (smart phone not included)
Operate remotely via Bluetooth using your Smartphone or tablet** and the free Test Product International Android or iOS app. No need for long probe hoses: be at the control center with your smartphone while the DC710 does the work at the stack!
DC710 Flue Gas Combustion Analyzer Measure Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO)
    Price Starting At: $475.00


    Easy-to-Use TPI View App
    Save time with documentation. Smart phone app allows easy documentation that you can share with your customer. Reduce paperwork and save time!
    • Operate remotely via Bluetooth using your Smartphone or tablet and the free TPI View App . No need for long probe hoses - you can be at the control center with your smartphone, while the DC710 does the work at the stack.
    • The free TPI app provides on-site reports which can instantly be emailed and stored without the need for paper or printers.
    • 24-Hour real-time clock for accurate documentation
    • Ten Pre-programmed Fuels
    • Powerful magnetic and/or hook mounting.
    • Durable, rugged and sealed housing
    • Flue Gas Analysis Measure Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2) and Temperature Differential
    • Calculate CO2, CO Air Free, Excess Air, and Combustion Efficiency
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    DC710 Flue Gas Analyzer Measurement Specifications
    Parameter Range Resolutoin Accuracy
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0 to 10,000 ppm 1 ppm ±5ppm or 5% of reading whichever is greater
    Oxygen (02) 0 to 25% 0.1% ±0.3%
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Calculated 0 to 25% 0.1% Calculated Value
    CO/CO2 Ratio 0 to 0.999 0.001 Calculated Value
    Combustion Efficiency 0 to 100% 0.1% Calculated Value
    Flue Probe Temperature Type K Thermocouple 1472°F (800°C) Maximum Temperature ± 0.3%, ±2°F (1°C)
    Temperature Type K Thermocouple -58F to 1832°F (-50C to 1000°C) 1°F or °C ±(0.3% of rdg +2°F) / ±(0.3% of rdg +1°C)
    DC710 Flue Gas Temperature Probe Specifications
    Parameter Range
    Construction Pistol Grip with Stainless Steel Shaft
    Hose Length 8.2' (2500mm)
    Insertion Length 7.9" (200mm)
    'K' Type Thermocouple Accuracy ±0.3%, ±2°F (1°C)
    Maximum Temperature 1472°F (800°C)
    DC710 CFlue Gas Analyzer Specifications
    Operating Temperature Range +14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
    Selectable Fuels Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Bituminous
    Coal, Coke, Butane, Wood, Bagasse
    Battery Type/ Life Rechargeable Li-ion (3.7V/2600mA); >6 Hours
    Charger Input USB Connection
    Dimensions (W x L x D) 5.9" x 3.9" x 2.3" (150mm x 100mm x 58mm)
    Time and Date 24 Hour Real Time Clock
    Print Capability Yes, via Optional A740BT Bluetooth printer (A740BT)
    DC710: Instrument Only (smart phone not included)
    Includes instrument, flue probe, battery charger, GK11M temperature probe and carrying case.