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ThermCal 130 Low Temperature Dry Block Temperature Calibrator for Thermocouple and RTD Sensors

New Updated Specification
New Temperature Range -13°F to 266°F (-25°C to 130°C)
Quicker Cool Down and faster Heat up Times
New universal Power Supply 120 to 240VAC

ThermCal 130 Low Temperature Dry Block Calibrator
    Price Starting At: $3,495.00


    The New ThermCal 130 Low Temperature Dry Block Calibrator has a small footprint, fast heat up and cool down times and is light weight for both field and laboratory use. Unlike many competing lower cost models that only offer a fixed block The ThermCal 130 accept inserts for probe size flexibility in addition to a fixed 1/4" reference hole. The Thermcal 130 may also be used as an Ice Point Reference by simply setting the calibrator to 32°F (0°C) and using your reference standard probe.

    The ThermCal 130 controller offers a large, bright and easy to read display. The user can store and recall up to 8 setpoints for quick temperature changes along with adjustable ramp rates for testing thermal switches. The unit is switchable between °F and °C along with the ability to adjust unit calibration as needed to meet your own quality standards. In addition to the heat sink cooling fan, a small chassis cooling fan keeps the internal components and controller cool at all temperatures.
    • Fast heat up and stabilization
    • Operates -13°F to 266°F (-25°C to 130°C) at an ambient of 20°C/68°F
    • New Universal Power Supply 100 to 250VAC
    • Store up to 8 setpoints
    • Laboratory performance at an economical price
    • Lightweight and portable for use in the field
    • Removable probe inserts for flexibility & many probe sizes
    • Store & recall up to 8 calibration setpoints
    • CE marked for safety
    • Designed & manufactured in the USA
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    ThermCal 130 Dry Block Calibrator Specifications
    The below specifications are quoted for an ambient temperature range of 10°C/50°F to 30°C/86°F. Outside this range, the quoted figures may deteriorate but the unit will still work safely. NOTE: The minimum achievable temperature is 40°C/72°F below the room ambient temperature.
    Temperature range -13°F to 266°F (-25°C to 130°C) at an ambient of 20°C/68°F
    Accuracy ±4°C (±0.7°F)
    Stability Better than ±0.03°C/±0.06°F (10 minutes after reaching setpoint)
    Heat up time -13°F to 266°F (-25°C to 130°C) 5 minutes
    68°F to 266°F (20°C to 100°C) 1.75 minutes
    Cool down time 68°F to -4°F (20°C to -20°C) 3 minutes at an ambient of 20°C/68°F
    266°F to 68°F (130°C to 20°C) 2.5 minutes
    Probe well depth 4" depth by 1/2" diameter
    Reference well depth 4" depth by 1/4" diameter
    Display resolution 0.1°C or °F
    Overall dimensions (H x W x D) 11 x 9 x 8 inches/279 x 229 x 203 mm
    Power 200 watts
    Weight 17 pounds
    Power Supply Universal 100 to 240 VAC operation
    Each ThermCal 130 Low Temperature Dry Block Calibrator includes base unit with Fixed 1/4" Refereence hole, One customer specified insert, power cable, insert extractor, users manual and traceable 5 point calibration certificate.