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FTBSL6 Laboratory Fluidized Temperature Bath

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    FTBSL6 Laboratory Fluidized Temperature Bath


    A Fluidized Sand Bath’s liquid like properties provide fast heat transfer to immersed objects for immediate heating and the thermal performance desired from a heat source. Large working volume and heat capacity are good for heating both large and small objects. Fluidized Temperature Baths don’t require consumables or chemicals to operate, are safer than salt baths and provide better temperature stability and uniformity than ovens. Fluidized Temperature Baths typically provide faster processing times than ovens and furnaces and are much more thermally stable and uniform. Fast heat up of immersed parts and objects is another major advantage. Fluidized baths are safer to operate than molten salt baths while immersed objects come out clean and dry with no material to remove.
    FTBSL6 Laboratory Fluidized Temperature Bath Applications
    • Calibrate Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Sensor and systems
    • Thermal cleaning of small Extrusion tooling and Polymer Rheometer and Melt Flow Indexer parts
    • Reactor Heating
    • General heat treatment of devices & materials
    • Parts, Tooling, Machinery and Hardware Cleaning - removes paint, oil, grease, epoxy, plastic, varnish, insulation, rubber, adhesives and much more
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    FTBSL6 Fluidized Temperature Bath Features
    • Wide temperature range 50°C (122°F) to 605°C (1121°F)
    • Advanced PID temperature control
    • Fully automatic Fluidizing air control
    • Flexible lid for immersing parts basket and temperature probes for calibration
    • Independent over-temperature limit protection
    • Fast heat up
    • Compact size for placement on standard lab benches
    • Compact working volume 5.3" diameter by 6" depth
    • RS485 interface for PC connection & downloadable Windows software
    • Designed and manufactured in USA
    • CE Marked
    FTBSL6 Laboratory Fluidized Temperature Bath Specifications
    Temperature range 50°C (122°F) to 605°C (1121°F)
    Working Volume 5.3" dia x 7" depth (134mm x 178mm)
    Typical Stability ±0.3°C from 100 to 600°C after 15 minutes
    Dead bed stability (5 minute period) ±0.015° for a 5 minute period
    Calibrated accuracy ±2.0°C thru the operating range (5" immersion depth)
    Heat up time Ambient to 300°C, 24 minutes
    Ambient to 450°C, 42 minutes
    Ambient to 600°C, 70 minutes
    Cool down time 600 to 200°C 130 minutes
    Heater Power 1 phase, 50/60 hz 1920 watts
    Power Supply 120Vac or optional 240Vac
    Air Supply Clean, dry and oil free air supply, at a fixed and constant pressure
    of 30 psi, max flow of 1.76 CFM (50lpm) using a 3/8"(10mm) OD rigid
    tubing plugged into the quick release fitting on the control box.
    Overall dimensions 16" x 17" x 13" (406mm x 432mm x 330mm)H x W x D
    Total unit weight unit only 32 lbs, 14.5kgs (with aluminum oxide 52 lbs (23.6kg))
    FTBSL6 Fluidized Temperature Bath Includes bath cover, lid, and 20 lbs. of aluminum oxide and users manual.
    WHAT IS NEEDED TO RUN THE SYSTEM -120 VAC mains, 50/60hz- 20 amp or 240 VAC mains, 50/60hz 10 amp supply mains.
    Clean dry air supply at a fixed 30 PSI, max flow of 1.8 CFM