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Test Products International 753A Handheld Refrigerant Leak Detection

TPI 753A Hand Held Refrigerant Leak Detector
    Price Starting At: $199.00


    The TPI 753A portable instrument is a state-of-the-art refrigerant leak detector capable of detecting all halogen based gases. Selectable sensitivity combined with audio and visual leak indicators will allow any service professional to pinpoint those tough to find leaks even in contaminated environments. The TPI 753A features 400 hour sensor life under normal use and can detect leaks as small as 0.1 ounces per year (R134a/R22). .
    • Capable of detecting all existing refrigerants and blends including 404A, PURON® and R-507 (AZ50®)
    • Fully adjustable tic rate to eliminate background concentration and pinpoint leaks
    • Pump driven for increased sensitivity with blended refrigerants
    • Field replaceable sensor tips for easy maintenance
    • 16" Length Flexible Goose Neck Probe
    • Check for leaks in refrigeration systems
    • Test for leaks in air conditioning systems and cooling units
    • Find leaks in automotive air conditioning systems
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    753A Refrigerant Leak Detector Specifications
    Sensitivity 0.1 oz /yr (R22 / R134a)
    Pump Driven Yes
    Scan Mode with High/Low Sensitivity Yes
    Sensor Type AIT Micro Tip
    Spare Sensor Included Yes
    Built-in Alarm No
    Operation Push Button
    Goose Neck Length 16"
    Adjustable Tic Rate Yes
    Leak Indication Audible and Visual
    Battery 1.5V “C” (2)
    Carrying Case Soft Pouch
    Each Unit includes, soft pouch case, batteries, spare sensor and operators manual.