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HT512 Wall-Mounted Humidity transmitter with 0 to 1Vdc output.

HT512 Wall-Mounted Humidity only transmitter with 0 to 1Vdc output.
    Price Starting At: $250.00


    The HT512 is an wall mounted transmitter designed for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) applications. Ideal for monitoring realtive humidity in HVAC applications such as clean rooms, greenhouses, offices spaces where environmental parameters are important. The HT512 Humidity Transmitter with 0 to 1Vdc output this transmitters easily connects to your process instrumentation.
    • % Relative Humidity Only Transmitter
    • Humidity Sensor Hygropolymer Capacitance Sensor
    • Humidity Measuring Range 2% to 98%RH
    • High Accuracy ±2.5%RH
    • NIST-Traceable
    • Waterproof Enclosure
    • Optional Built-in Display
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    HT512 Humidity Transmitter Specifications
    Humidity Sensor Hygropolymer Capacitance Sensor
    Measuring Range 2% to 98%RH
    Accuracy ±2.5%RH
    Repeatability ±1%RH
    Output 0 to 1Vdc into 500 Ohms
    HT512 General Specifications
    Power Supply 12 to 36Vdc, Polarity-Protected
    Connection Watertight Polyamide Cable Grip Entry 2, 3, or 4-Pin Internal Terminal Block
    Enclosure Glass-Reinforced Polycarbonate NEMA 4X (IP65)
    Size 80W x120L x 55H mm
    Probe Integral
    Probe Guard Polypropylene or Sintered Bronze
    Weight 0.39 Kg (0.86 lb.)
    Operating Temperature -40° to 158°F (-40 to 70°C)

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