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Yokogawa CA450 Digital Process Meter and Multimeter

CA450 Digital Process Multimeter
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    The Yokogawa CA450 Process Multimeter is a portable test instrument to combine a digital RMS multimeter and a loop calibrator to give process technicians the same functionality in one tool. The Yokogawa CA450 provides 24-Volt loop power, reducing the need for carrying a separate power supply when performing transmitter testing. And with its built-in, selectable 250-Ohm Hart resistor, it also eliminates the need for a separate resistor. Process technicians can now do the same job while carrying less equipment.
    Measurement Functions Features
    • High accuracy signal measurement: DC mA 0.05%/30.000 mA
    • Handheld DMM function
    • Peak/Hold function for DCS power peak-to-peak measurement
    • Dedicated sensor modes for direct reading of many sensor signal types
    Loop Check Features
    • Simultaneous 24 V loop power and mA measurement
    • HART mode setting with loop power (250 OHM resistance)
    Enhanced Safety - Helps Eliminate Electric Shocks
    • Current terminal shutter prevents incorrect connections
    • Sensor function handles AC load current measurement
    • Meets 600 V CAT. IV, 1000 V CAT. III safety standards
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    CA450 Process Multimeter Specifications
    Input Type Range Accuracy
    DC voltage 600.0mV to 1000V 0.09% rdg+1 dgt
    AC Voltage 600.0mV to 1000V 0.5% rdg+5 dgt
    DC Current 30mA
    0.05% rdg+2 dgt
    0.05% rdg+2 dgt
    Resistance 600mV to 60MΩ 0.2% rdg + 1 dgt
    Frequency 199.99Hz to 19.999kHz 0.005% rdg + 1 dgt
    Diode Test 2.000V 1% rdg + 2 dgt
    Continuity Check 600Ω -The buzzer sounds at resistances lower than 50±30Ω
    Peak Hold DCV ±100 digits
    Input Type Range Accuracy
    DC Output 0 to 20mA 0.05% of range
    Input Type Range Accuracy
    24V Loop Power Supply (LOOP POWER) 24V 24 VDC (typ.), load current 20 mA
    CA450 Process Multimeter General Specifications
    Measurement functions DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, resistance, frequency, continuity check and diode test
    Additional functions Data hold (D*H); auto hold (A*H); peak hold (P*H); auto range (Auto);range hold (Range Hold); maximum, minimum, and average value recording and measurement; zero adjustment (q); relative measured value display (RELi, REL%); 24 V loop power supply; internal resistor on/off for HART communication
    Output functions 20 mA DC current for current output SOURCE and current output SIMULATE(SINK)
    Additional functions Current span switching and current sweep output
    Display 5-digit LCD (7 segment
    Measurement cycle 2.5 to 5 times a second (however, frequency measurement takes place once a second)
    Operating temperature and humidity -20°C to 55°C
    0% RH or less) with no condensation
    Within the range of 40°C to 55°C, the humidity must be 70% RH or less.
    Storage temperature and humidity -40°C to 70°C
    (70% RH or less) with no condensation
    Power supply Four AA-size alkaline batteries
    Battery life When using alkaline batteries DC voltage measurement: Approx. 140 hours
    DC current output (SIMULATE): Approx. 140 hours
    DC current output (SOURCE) 12 mA (500Ω load): Approx. 10 hours
    Insulation resistance 100 MΩ or greater at 1000 VDC
    Withstand voltage 6.88 kVAC for five seconds (between the input terminals and the case)
    External dimensions Approx. 90 (W) × 192 (H) × 49 (D) mm
    Weigh Approx. 600 g (including the batteries)
    Safety standards EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030 and EN61010-031
    EMC standards EN61326-1, EN61326-2-2
    Each CA450 Digital Process Multimeter includes 4 AA Batteries, Test Leads, Test Cable, 2 Fuses, and Instruction Manual.