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CA320 Thermocouple and millivolt Calibrator

CA320 Thermocouple Calibrator
    Price Starting At: $900.00


    • Measure and source 16 Thermocouple Types (JIS/IEC/DIN/ASTM/GOST R)
    • Basic accuracy: 0.5°C (Typical of TC type K) Including accuracy of internal RJC
    • Measures Thermocouple sensor output as a thermometer
    • Sub display displays span% of the source value
    • Corresponds to various types of source pattern (Step sweep/ Linear sweep/ Manual step/ Span check)
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    Thermocouple Type Temperature Range
    Type J -210.0 to 1200.0°C
    Type K -200.0 to 1372.0°C
    Type T -250.0 to 400.0°C
    Type E -250.0 to 1000.0°C
    Type N -200.0 to 1300.0°C
    Type L -200 to 900.0°C
    Type U -200.0 to 600.0°C
    Type R, S -20.0 to 1767.0°C
    Type B 600.0 to 1820.0°C
    Type C 0.0 to 2315.0°C
    Type D 0.0 to 1500.0°C
    Type G 100.0 to 2315.0°C
    Type PLATINEL II 0.0 to 1395.0°C
    Type XK -200.0 to 800.0°C
    Type A 0.0 to 2500.0°C
    Voltage -11.000 to ±99.999.mV
    Accuracy: Type K, E, T, L, U: 0.5°C for 0 mV: 0.015% +10µV (max 10mA out)
    CA320 Thermocouple Calibrator General Specifications
    Display Segment LCD
    Backlight LED (Selection of "Constantly ON", "Constantly OFF" or "Auto off by approx. 2min")
    Display refresh rate Approx. 1 sec.
    Warm-up time Approx. 5min.
    Power supply Four alkaline AA batteries, Dedicated AC Adapter (Sold separately)
    Battery lilfe 50 hours (5V source, load over 10kΩ), 25 hours (20mA source, load under 5V)
    Auto Power Off Approx. 20min. (Disabled by setting)
    Dimensions Approx. 90 (W) × 192 (H) × 42 (D)mm
    Weight Approx. 440g
    Standard Safety: EN61010-1 / EN61010-2-030
    EMC: EN61326-1 Class A Table 2. EN55011 Class A Group 1
    Operating temperature / humidity ranges -10 to 55°C
    20 to 80%RH (without condensation)
    Storage temperature / humidity ranges 0 to 60°C
    90% RH or less (without condensation)