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Si-AQ COMFORT-2 HVAC Indoor Air Quality Kit Measure Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Ambient Temperature

Si-AQ COMFORT-2 Indoor Air Quality Monitor Kit with CO2 Range 0 to 5000 ppm and Ambient Temperature
    Price Starting At: $1,169.00


    The advanced portable Si-AQ-COMFORT-2 measures Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Differential Temperature. The Si-AQ-Comfort-2 Indoor Air Quality Monitor is designed for the HVAC Professional or the home owner help you perform the most accurate IAQ parameter testing. The AQ-COMFORT-2 enables monitoring for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing in Homes, Hospitals, Buildings, Schools, Labs, Clean Rooms, Airports or any other area where air quality monitoring is essential.
    • Measurement Parameter - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Differential Temperature
    • Active Internal Sampling Pump
    • Light Weight, Durable, and Easy–to–Transport Design
    • Easy to Use Menu System with Easy Built-in, Menu-driven Calibration Procedure
    • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
    • Designed and Manufacturing in the USA
    • Optional Protective Magnetic Rubber Boot
    • Optional Handheld Probe
    • Optional Wireless Remote Printer
      Shipping Estimated Shipping 2 to 3 Weeks

    Si-AQ-COMFORT-2 Indoor Air Quality Meter Measurement Parameter Specification
    Parameter Sensor Range Resolution Accuracy
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) NDIR 0 to 5,000ppm 10 ppm ±2% rdg. ±10 ppm
    Temperature Ambient Pt100 14.0 to 212.0°F
    (-10 to 99.9°C)
    ± 3°F
    ± 2°C
    AQ COMFORT-2 Kit Include the Following - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Measurement and Ambient Temperature Parameters, Continuous Active Internal Sampling Pump, Li-Ion Battery and AC Charger, Operating Manual, Factory Calibration Certificate.