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Si-AQ PRO Indoor Air Quality Meter Customize with UP TO 3 Gas Sensor Parameters

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    Si-AQ PRO Indoor Air Quality Meter Customize with UP TO 3 Gas Sensor Parameters


    Si-AQ-PRO Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor Customize to YOUR Needs Providing the latest in Environmental Monitoring for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing in Hospitals, Buildings, Schools, Labs, Clean Rooms, Homes, Airports and more
    The New advanced portable AQ-PRO includes 5 input measurement parameters: Temperature, % Relative Humidity, Wet Bulb & Dew Point, Barometric and Differential Pressure. The AQ PRO is customizeable with UP to 3 Gases sensors which enables you to configure the gas sensors that you need to monitor and do real-time data logging for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing where air quality monitoring is essential.
    • Measure 5 Parameters - % Relative Humidity, Temperature, Barometric and Differential Pressure, Wet Bulb & Dew Point
    • Choose UP TO 3 Gas Sensors Parameters - Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2),Formaldehyde (CH2O), Hydrogen Sulfur Dioxide (H2S), Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) or Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
    • Active Internal Sampling Pump
    • Large Internal Memory for REAL-TIME Continuous Data Logging for Graphs, Data Review, IAQ reports
    • Includes PC Software & USB Cable
    • Includes Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Easy to Use Menu System with Easy Built-in, Menu-driven Calibration Procedure
    • Light Weight, Durable, and Easy–to–Transport Design
    • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger
    • Included Factory Calibration Certificate
    • Optional Remote Probe
    • Designed and Manufacturing in the USA
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    Si-AQ-PRO Indoor Air Quality Meter Operation
    The AQ-PRO can be used as either an ambient monitor air quality meter or with the optional 12" Probe, 10' Dual Hose it can be used to monitor remote locations such as ventilation air ducts. An Active Internal Sampling Pump draws the ambient air into the AQ-PRO sensors through the sampling input which is located on the front panel. When using the optional 12" probe with a 10' dual hose the probe is connected to the front panel sampling connection.
    AQ-PRO Indoor Air Quality Meter Measurement Parameter Specifications
    Parameter Sensor Range Resolution Accuracy
    % Relative Humidity Thin Film Capacitive 5 to 95% RH 0.1% RH ±2% RH
    Ambient Temperature Pt100 -40 to 257°F
    (-40 to 125°C)
    Differential Pressure Bridge ±40.0 inH2O (±100.0 mbar) 0.1 inH2O (0.25 mbar) ±1% rdg
    Barometric Pressure Solid State 260 - 1260 mbar 1 mbar ± 2 mbar
    Temperature T1 Thermocouple Type K 0 to 2000°F (0 to 1100°C) 1°F/1°C ± 5°F (±3°C) or 2% of rdg
    Si-AQ-PRO Optional Gas Sensors Measurement Parameter Specifications
    Select up to Three Gas Sensors from below
    Parameter Sensor Range Resolution Accuracy
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) NDIR 0 to 5,000 ppm 1 ppm ±2% rdg. ±10 ppm
    Carbon Monoxide (CO) Electrochemical 0 to 200 ppm .01 ppm ±1 ppm rdg. ±0.2 ppm
    Oxygen O2 Electrochemical 0 to 25% 0.1% ±0.1% vol.
    Formaldehyde (CH2O) Electrochemical 0 to 10 ppm (10,000 ppb) 1 ppb 2% ± 30 ppb
    Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Electrochemical 0 to 100 ppm 1 ppm ±4% of rdg. ±.05 ppm
    Nitric Oxide (NO) Electrochemical 0 to 250 ppm 0.1 ppm ±2 ppm of rdg.
    Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Electrochemical 0 to 20 ppm 0.1 ppm ±0.5 ppm of rdg
    Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Electrochemical 0 to 20 ppm 0.1 ppm ±0.5 ppm of rdg.
    Select up to 3 sensors from above to Customize to YOUR exact requirements
    ALL Si-AQ-PRO Kits Include: Temperature, % Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Differential Pressure, Continuous Active Internal Sampling Pump, REAL-TIME Continuous Datalogging, Bluetooth Connectivity, PC Software & USB Cable, Protective Carrying Case, Li-Ion Battery & AC Charger, Factory Calibration Certificate, Operating Manual and Quick Reference Guide.