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96000 Series 3/64 DIN Miniature Temperature and Process Panel Indicators

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96000 Series 3/64 DIN Low Cost Thermocouple, RTD and Process Panel Meters has been discontinued. Please see the MP95800 Programmable 1/8 DIN Temperature and Process Panel Meter
Shown with Optional PC Based
95800 Thermocouple, RTD and Process Panel Meter.jpg
Programming Interface and Software
Prices Start at $295.00

Click here to Order 95800 Thermocouple, RTD and Process Panel Meter.gif

• High accuracy (0.1%)
• Completely-Linearized

• Optional Built-in Transmitter
• Selectable Outputs

• 4-Digit, " High LED Readout

• Optional "Point N' Click" Software for Field Programming

• Optional NEMA 4X Cover


The model Mp95800 is a programmable microprocessor base 1/8 DIN Precision Digital Panel Meter.  The Mp95800 can be programmed for 12 thermocouple types, 8 RTD's type or millivolts or Ohm input. It can be factory configured to your range or with the optional PC based, MP Interface and PC software can very easy to programmed in the field for Thermocouple, RTD's, mV and Ohm inputs, and features high accuracy and is fully linearized.

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